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UPS and Power Solutions

UPS and Power Solutions

About UPS and Power Solutions

A UPS system, or uninterruptible power solution, protects data centers and equipment from power outages and surges. When your power source fails, UPS systems have a battery backup that saves incoming AC power. Your device can then run on DC power for a short period of time. The batteries are replenished once the electricity is restored.

Solution and Services

UPS and Power Solutions

Industrial UPS systems protect your servers, PCs, and other IT equipment from fluctuations in power, which can damage or cause your equipment to malfunction. UPS systems provide backup power in those critical seconds before your generator kicks in when the power goes out altogether. If your equipment is not safeguarded in those few minutes prior, it can be costly to your organization, costing you time, money, and crucial information.

UPS systems provide you with valuable time to preserve data, shut down your equipment, or wait for generator power to kick in. Mission Critical Facilities International supplies the best UPS power solutions systems on the market to protect data centers and mission-critical facilities.

UPS For Data Centers

A company's operations are dependent on the availability of data center gear. A UPS is an essential piece of equipment in every data center. Because disasters and fatalities occur unexpectedly, a power backup solution is required. Power interruptions can be fatal to data, leading it to corrupt at times. Recovering from this calamity takes far too long, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for any crisis that may come now or in the future. Some systems must be accessed remotely on a regular basis, while others demand constant wireless connectivity. This connectivity will only be available with the assistance of a backup, and only for a few minutes.

Data Center Design

Our strength in tackling power difficulties is having solutions that stand the test of time. Data center and industrial process solutions. As a result, we have distinct UPS for various industries. Easy UPS, Galaxy VX, and Galaxy VS are just a few examples. Easy UPS 3L is designed for commercial use. The power of these UPSs ranges from 500 to 600 kVA. This means that you can safely shut down your hardware with power standby with this UPS. As a result, we offer a diverse range of UPS solutions for manufacturing, industry, and commercial enterprises.

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