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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

About IT Infrastructure

Information Technology (IT) infrastructure refers to the components required to manage and operate enterprise-grade IT environments. An IT infrastructure can be implemented using cloud computing or native organizational components. The elements making up an IT infrastructure include hardware, software, internet components, network components, data storage, and an Operating System (OS).


We help companies evolve infrastructure from a capital-intensive, hardware-oriented discipline to one that is modern, software-defined & intelligent.

Cloud & data center

Transform, integrate and manage your cloud and infrastructure workloads to take full advantage of the Cloud Continuum.

Digital workplace

Elevate your workplace experience & maximize sustainable value & well-being by promoting a healthy, engaged, digitally savvy workforce.

Cloud Infrastructure Security

Strengthen customer & employee trust with proactive, industry-relevant threat intelligence woven into your cloud infrastructure fabric.

Service management

Digitize service management to accelerate service delivery, elevate human experience, integrate across functions and rationalize costs.


Reimagine enterprise networks to perform in the world of cloud and edge, meeting demands for greater bandwidth.

IT Infrastructure Services


Infrastructure as a Services (Iaas)

Use our cloud computing services to handle your computing and data storage requirements. Reduce your operating costs and run your OS and applications on our fully managed and maintained server fleet.


Internet Infrastructure

Process, store and access your critical enterprise data with optimum performance and speed. Our industry leading hardware, transmission media.


Network Infrastructure

A network infrastructure designed with security and scalability in mind. We design your cabling infrastructure, implement switches, routers, firewalls and cabling for a complete, industry standard solution.


IT Management

When a highly specialized team manages your IT services, your business runs smoother for staff and clients while freeing up your teams’ time to focus on your business.

In today’s digital and cloud-based world

Build an ever-ready infrastructure

A traditional IT infrastructure is composed of physical hardware which is connected to a network by means of a remote server. The server is usually housed on location, giving anyone with access to the hardware the ability to view and manage the data and applications housed on the server.

A cloud IT infrastructure is composed of hardware, abstracted resources, network resources, and data storage. The server is usually housed off-location at a datacenter, giving anyone with access to the remote server the ability to view and manage the data and applications housed on the server.

A hyperconverged IT infrastructure (HCI) is a software-defined and unified system, neatly combining the elements of traditional datacenters. An HCI runs off of commercial off-the-shelf servers. The elements of these servers are then converged using a hypervisor. A hypervisor refers to the software which packages together the elements of commercial off-the-shelf servers.

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MMC Launched in 1995, as a Customer Support Organization with the fundamental objective and vision in providing assistance and services for the growing businesses technical needs. Services include an in-depth and insight study of client needs and requirement identification, suggestions and consultancy for devising, monitoring and developing integrated information system for a future expansion in your business productivity and performance .


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