MMC have an in-depth knowledge of the industry verticals, provide consulting services that help customers with meeting the new challenges faced by an ever changing marketplace

The consulting service proposes the optimum solution after considering the constraints and objectives of the business. Proposals may include enhanced business processes, new application development and selection of a new third party product and/or enhancements / modifications to the existing systems.

Process Assessment and Problem Identification

  • Interview project Sponsor and identify key process participants.
  • Interview key process participants to identify issues.
  • Obtain process metrics and compare with industry/competitor benchmarks.
  • Frame problem statement based on deviation from benchmarks.
  • Quantify cost of problem.
  • Assess time available for resolution.

Solution Options, Recommendation and ROI

  • Define statement of objectives.
  • Diagram high level business and system flows.
  • Gather information about applications and technology utilized within the business process..
  • Frame Solution Options.
  • If required, gather additional data and metrics to determine optimal solution.
  • Estimate (order of magnitude) price of solution options.
  • Perform ROI analysis.
  • Identify potential risks

Solution Proposal: Initial scope and cost estimate

  • Prepare draft solution proposal.
  • Present solution to project sponsor/stakeholders.
  • Incorporate feedback and finalize proposal.
  • Quality Management100%
  • Business Process Automation Consistancy100%
  • New Software Development100%
  • ERP Implementation100%
  • Application RE-Engineering100%
  • System Integration100%
  • Business Process Outsourcing100%
  • Project Management100%
  • Change Management100%