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12/21/2016 - 09:00

What is ERP and 5 Benefits of ERP !

Enterprise resource planning

what is ERP ?

What is erp ? So, ERP is commonly used by companies working inside the supply chain to assist keep track of all the moving parts of manufacturing and distribution However, ERP can be utilized by a number of different businesses including those in healthcare, nonprofit groups, development and hospitality Organization needing to manage their staff, customers and inventory can all rely on ERP benefits ERP stores all entered information into a single database, permitting all divisions to work with the same data. . Moreover, all this information can be organized, analyzed and made into reports. ERP brings together client administration, human assets, business insights, financial administration, and stock and supply chain capabilities into one system.


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Enterprise resource planning manage day by day activity of a Business such as

  1. Accounting,
  2. Procurement,
  3. Project management,
  4. Risk management
  5. Compliance
  6. Supply chain operations.

Major industries that use ERP include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Industrial Services
  • Service Business
  • Healthcare
  • And more

Benefits Of Using ERP

1. More Money Saved

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By binding together systems, you offer assistance your staff utilize their time more productively. With ERP, clients don’t have to be chase down a bit of data over numerous systems. With the central database, data is much simpler to recover. Besides, your organization saves cash with ERP by killing the require for clients to be prepared on a few systems. This not as it were reduces the sum of cash went through on preparing but moreover reduces the logistical effort included. Rather than planning a few training sessions with a few different sellers, you simply got to communicate with one.

2. Improved Collaboration

What is Collaboration

The features of ERP applications can change somewhat depending on the program you’re utilizing, but by and large, all systems progress collaboration in a few way. As specified some time recently, the centralized database is an fundamentally portion of what makes an ERP one of a kind. With this database, you give your company with a single source of truth to work from. This diminishes any errors brought on by working with the inaccurate information, encourage reducing costs.

This isn’t as simple to say in case maybe your team is entering the same client data over and over once more into a few different systems. Without an ERP, you invite human error into your processes when it might effectively be avoided. Most ERP solutions give a customizable dashboard so administrators can see reports when they to begin with log into the framework. These reports may include everything from pay and cost statements to custom KPIs that offer knowledge into certain functions. The ability to have get to to these reports rapidly enables you and your team to create better decisions more quickly. You not need to depend on your IT staff to produce the reports that you just require. In conclusion, reports ordinarily come with access levels, ensuring as it were relevant staff see important company information.

3.Improved Productivity

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Tasks like downloading and sending connections, producing reports, planning meetings, managing client connections, following deals, orders, and all other dull tasks are automated presently. This guarantees quicker and proficient business administration and an increase in productivity.

4. Paperless operations

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Having every file/document at your fingertips in the system and accessible from every station eliminates the need for printing and wasted papers.

5. Improving Data Security

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ERP solutions have firewalls and restriction controls to prevent data breaches. All the information is kept in a centralized system so that access points are closely checked and security is concentrated. Admins that are responsible for managing company information can give restricted get to rights to employees. For example, HR supervisors can cover up a few important information as it were for themselves and partners while giving employees authorization to see their financial data.

 Admins can moreover quickly deactivate get to of laid-off workers and give access to the modern ones. ERP arrangements moreover appear client exercises, so the admins can effectively recognize unauthorized activities or suspicious movement designs within the framework.


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