System Re-Engineering – MM Corporation

Modernizing your legacy systems to align with new era business requirements.

Re engineering is a powerful change approach that can bring about radical improvements in business processes. However, the popular management literature has created more myth than practical methodology regarding re engineering. It has relied more heavily on hype than on research, common sense, or lessons of the past. MMC has a highly developed and tested mass re-engineering methodology which integrates seamlessly into MMC Work Vision framework. In most cases, the methodology is supported by MMC proprietary or third party impact analysis, conversion, testing and change management tools. The application of these automated tools shortens the project time frame, reduces the project cost and mitigates the project risks through minimization of human error.

The service covers the entire spectrum of an application re-engineering project as shown in the table below:

  • Requirement Definition
  • Inventory
  • Conversion Criteria
  • Code & Data Test Bed
  • Tools Selection
  • Project Plan
  • Change Management Plan
  • Risk Mitigation Plan

Generally, a re-engineering project focuses upon systems vital to the daily functioning of the business. The nature of the work, combined with the size of such systems, usually involves millions of lines of code and large databases. Such projects present, in addition to the basic technical issues, complex issues of planning, logistics, communications and management, the careful handling and integration of which is of critical importance. The methodology addresses both the technical and logistical aspects. The methodology not only provides the project road map to MMC team of professionals undertaking a re-engineering project, but it also provides the management and IS staff of our customers a clear sense of how MMC will complete the assignment and what are the counterpart inputs expected of the customer.