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Networks Infrastructure Services

For today’s businesses, a network is paramount; it’s the platform that enables and empowers everything else you do, connecting every person, every computing machine and every information resource within your organization. As such, it is imperative that your Networks Infrastructure Support be built with both speed and reliability—allowing your team to be efficient and productive in servicing clients and in collaborating together.

Security Surveillance

Security Surveillance is the most effective tool in the security management and loss prevention.It is rapidly expanding its role in retail loss prevention and asset protection in all the industries. Especially it is very useful to government and law enforcement agencies to maintain social control, recognize and monitor threats and prevent / investigate criminal activity.

Medical Science proves that a human brain cannot concentrate simultaneously on more than 3 TV screens for more than 10 minutes and that is the dilemma with conventional CCTV surveillance systems. A video surveillance must be smart enough to alert by itself to the viewer present in the control room if any breach of pre-defined set of rules for surveillance takes place in security and surveillance cameras.

Network Infrastructure & Security Services

We offer our security services together with turn-key solutions, in partnership with the world leading security technology providers, to bring you :

Main Features

  • Data Security Solutions
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Application Security Solutions
  • Mobile Security Solutions
  • Cloud Security Solutions
  • Security Management and Monitoring solutions
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions

Technology Solutions Are Simple and Effective

Every business participating in today’s globally digital landscape understands that threats to their network infrastructure is part of the price of doing business.  Public and private businesses in sectors as diverse as healthcare, transportation and finance stay vigilant while continually searching for new and better solutions to block determined cybercriminals from gaining access to network infrastructure.

Security Solutions

Biometrics is basically a method of identifying an individual any unique physical characteristics of their body. Biometric methods help in ensuring maximum accuracy in identifying a person such as Fingerprints, Iris (eyes), voice patterns, facial patterns. Radio Frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity of an object or person wirelessly using radio waves such as Access management and Attendance devices.

Endpoint Security

Laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other device on your network are all potential entry points for threats. With more and more people bringing their personal devices into the workplace, the risk for a security attack has increased tenfold in the past decade or so. At MMCBIZ use industry best practices and proven methodologies to protect the integrity of your network. MMCBIZ Integration provides endpoint security which accounts for a wide threat attack on surfaces from devices you, a guest, or a vendor brings into your business.

Monitoring and Response

Top-of-the-line network security generates an overwhelming amount of data; as network attacks increase, identifying attacks and vulnerabilities becomes exponentially more difficult. Part of our work is identifying which data is most crucial to building a solid security shield to defend from all sorts of potential threats. Visualizing the attack path to identify the source of the threat is paramount to the security MMCBIZ delivers. When you partner with MMCBIZ, you’ll always have the visibility you need to make the precise recommendation to mitigate the threat.

Secure Remote Access

MMCBIZ provides clients with the opportunity to access information, files, and the like remotely, and worry-free of any encroaching malicious influences that seek to get a hold of and/or corrupt such things. This service has become much more desirable among clients who now must conduct business from home due to pandemic circumstances. Being able to access folders and files as if one were connected to the company network is the major benefit of remote access, and we work hard to ensure that accessing these files from home is just as secure as in your business’ building.

Security Surveillance

Main Features

  • Motion detection
  • Object Missing
  • Face detection
  • Audio Detection
  • People Count
  • Vehicle Count
  • Speed Check
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Smart Tracking

Security Surveillance


  • Government Buildings
  • Military bases
  • Educational Institutes
  • Public Safety Sector
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial units

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