Security Scanner in Pakistan | MECHANICAL SECURITY SCANNERS.


Mechanical security describes security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm. Physical security involves the use of multiple layers of independent systems which include protective barriers, Walk through Gates, Road Blockers, Under Vehicle Surveillance System and many other techniques.

Main Components:

Walk Through Gates

Walk through Metal Detectors are designed and engineered to meet the specific security needs of public facilities such as schools, hotels, parks and city halls etc Available in various models for normal to high security.

Road Blockers

Road Blockers are used where high perimeter security is required. The units are designed to restrict heavy duty commercial vehicles in secure areas and are ideal for the protection of financial establishments, embassies, bullion depots as well as lorry and distribution depots.

All Security Solutions Road Blockers are assembled and all electric’s are pre-wired and tested in house before delivery. The Blockers are also painted in black and yellow chevrons to allow easy identification (these colors can be changed subject to customer requirements).

There are a wide variety of access control options to suit individual requirements. Push button, card reader, radio, keypad and intercom can be fitted with minimal electrical work or can be integrated with your existing security systems.

Tyre Killers

Our Tyre Killer Barriers are designed for use in high security high traffic applications. The tyre killer barrier are simple to install and provides highly secure vehicle access control system for approach entrances to banks, military installations, airports, docks, embassies, and government offices etc.

The tyre killer teeth retract below ground depending on the type of barriers type and providing safe access for authorized vehicles. When the vehicle passes, the teeth returns to the active position ensuring total protection from unauthorized vehicle.We have three different types of tyre Killer barriers available to suit you requirement.

  • Self-working, One Side Traffic Tyre Killer for Exit / One-way protection.
  • Manually operated Tyre Killer for high security installation.
  • Hydraulic operated Tyre Killer for high security installation.
High Security Tyre Killer Barrier Options:

Electro/Hydraulic tyre Killer Barrier comes with push-button control as standard, however it can be customized to interface with a wide range of access control equipment to suit specific customer requirements and can be configured to use with Inductive loop systems, card readers, bio-metric access control and manned guard post. Also panic systems can be accommodated. We strongly recommend the fitting of a record able CCTV system, traffic lights, safety systems and backup power system.