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Data Center Design in Pakistan

MMC provides a single point of responsibility for the data center design of our client’s new facility. We work with some of the most experienced design firms in the industry to guarantee a seamless transition from our facility assessment to complete design documents. MMC has an extensive team for site analysis, planning, design, equipment selection, detailed project scheduling, implementation and commissioning of your critical data center infrastructure. MMC conducts overall design management, including program planning, management control and reporting, quality control, data control, coordination and scheduling that meets cost, time and business objectives.

The three most important parameters of our design comprises of:

  • High-availability
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Simplicity

Professional Data Centre Consulting Services

  • Strategic Data Center Planning
  • Technology Consulting
  • Facility Assessments/Analysis
  • Growth Modeling
  • Security Consulting
MMC Data Center Experts have the skill and expertise to offer data center consulting by covering all aspects of the data center’s life cycle. From helping facilities determine what they need and when they need it to designing a proposed data center, performing an audit and maintaining it, we provide a comprehensive consulting service. All our services are based on relevant international data center standards. Should you have an operational data center, our consultants can help optimize its operations by assessing the resources and technology used helping you to save money and enhance physical security and efficiency. We provide credible consultancy services to ensure all your valuable data is adequately protected and supported using the right IT infrastructure. Being Uptime accredited, MMC will utilize the Institute’s facility management and operations methodology to help minimize risks and ensure operational effectiveness. The Uptime Institute gives all our data centers a Stamp of Approval making sure every facility we build is a performing and reliable capital investment.

One of the most important considerations in a well-run data center is the cooling system. We can conduct airflow and cooling analysis to identify both current issues and future risks.

Server rooms use a lot of power but more often than not they can be more energy efficient which is better for the environment and your bottom line. We can conduct an energy audit and use software modelling to conceptually design and install a solution that will increase your energy efficiency.

Server room consolidation involves reducing assets and using more efficient technology. This could include better planning of space, cloud computing, replacing mainframes with blade server systems, server virtualization and storage virtualization.

Data Center Facilities Implementation

We’ve commissioned over 50 million square feet of data center space around the world and can manage your entire process, from design through the build to commissioning of the new facility. The build element is overseen by our highly skilled project managers as Prime Integrator, which includes construction management and external contracting teams.

Bring The Ideal Data Center To Life

Every data center consulting project is a true partnership where collaborative people, empowering technology, and transformative ideas accelerate change. HPE Pointnext Services manages the entire process, from an energy-efficient design to the building and commissioning or updating of a facility.

Turn-key Solutions

  • Developing the concept of pre-SAC
  • Energy conservation – a necessary condition for modern data center
  • Features of the design of engineering infrastructure Data Center
  • Requirements for cooling server rooms
  • Mathematical Modeling – checking the correctness of the design decisions.
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Power supply, uninterruptible power supplies, generators
  • Lightning protection
  • Fire-extinguishing system
  • Raised floors

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