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Image Processing & Electronic Document Management System



Enjoy paperless environment  Ease of access Rapid & Faster  Convenient data storage             
MMC Electronic Document Management Solution is a comprehensive DMS for small and
medium organizations for organize and manage their paper record digitally.


Document Management Features :

Security and Role Management

  • User level Security management
  • Document level Security management
  • Index role management
  • Workflow management
  • Document Lifecycle management

Document Capture:

  • OCR based data capturing (Form processing)
  • Scanning of paper record
  • Support format TIF, JPG, BMP,  PDF, MS Office Doc

Quality Assurance / Editing:

  • QA captured record
  • Deskew
  • Image Crop
  • Image Rotate
  • Clear Black edges
  • In / Out image blur

Indexing / Achieve:

  • Auto Indexing new records as per Lifecycle
  • Manual Indexation for Back Files
  • Storage into data server / Achieve location
  • Convert into binary format

Digital Document Tracking:

  • Lookup documents different criteria based
  • Produce PDF of complete file, having automatic bookmarking by index tags and dates
    (only support TIF / JPG / BMF format)
  • Document page number marking on PDF
  • Document Copyright statement publishing on PDF





MMC History:
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  • Application Development & Support
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  • Content Management
  • Data Warehousing & Analysis
  • Database Design & Maintenance ...more

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