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MMC Conversion Services:  



(MMC) strives to provide quality products and services to its valued client.

Our solutions and services offerings comprises of following:

  • Data & Voice Infrastructure Design & Consultancy
  • Data Center Design & Consultancy
  • Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions
  • General Order Supplies
  • Project Management
  • Network Testing, Audit and Documentation
  • Electrical Installations & Maintenance
  • Wireless radio link installation
  • Tower maintenance
  • Site/Office General Maintenance
  • Specialized Data Center Maintenance


In today’s world, converged complex technologies and changing business environments are among
the main challenges faced by organizations on their growth path.  The infrastructure design
and consultancy needs to be undertaken by an organization that not only has a proven experience
but can also offer a comprehensive range of data & voice infrastructure solution.

With proven experience of designing and consulting voice and data solutions, in a wide range of
client environments we have developed a strong reputation in this domain.

Our skilled team has the ability to respond to your requirements promptly and with the knowledge it
takes to integrate it successfully with your business or enterprise.

Please contact us to explore the broad range of voice and data cabling solutions we can deliver for your business


Business Engineering Solutions & Technology (MMC) provides data center/computer room design and consulting services as well.

We are distinctively skilled to help businesses assess their data center/computer room requirements, provide recommendations for improvement and offer budgetary and accurate cost estimations.

Our focus is to provide data center/computer room solutions with high availability, scalability, redundancy, fault-tolerance and manageability.

The design process starts with our team determining the business's data center/computer room objectives and availability requirements.  A thorough joint survey of the existing systems and facilities is carried out.  We then work with the IT staff and the facility staff to identify and quantify the data center/computer room project needs and combine them with our understanding of the technology trends and industry standards & best practices required to adapt to future changes.  Finally, we develop a conceptual data center design/computer room design from which we formulate bill of quantities and budgets.

The three most important parameters of our design comprises of:




  • High-availability
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Simplicity




All data center designs are judged by their ability to deliver continuous operations for the network services they support. The    availability is affected by both planned (scheduled maintenance) and unplanned (failures) events.  To maximize availability, the    impact from each of these must be minimized and/or eliminated.

Moreover all data centers must be maintained on a regular basis to avoid failure events.  In most data center designs, scheduled maintenance is a planned event requiring network downtime.  For this reason, general maintenance is often forgone, leaving long-term availability to a risk.  In robust data center designs, concurrently maintainable systems are implemented to avoid interruption to normal data center operations.

To lessen unplanned outages, both redundancy and fault-tolerance must be incorporated into the data center design.  High-availability is accomplished by providing redundancy for all, major and minor, systems, thereby eliminating single points of failure.

Flexibility & Scalability

A data center must support fast, seamless, growth, and deployment of new services without a major overhaul of its infrastructure and without a major disruption to its operation.

A good data center must be designed to ensure flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions and corresponding IT requirements. The design must be build around modularity i.e. use of modular systems, in which the characteristics of the modules are known and addition of modules are simple.

Scalability is the design concept of proactively planning for changing requirements and is another key component of design.  A data center that is scalable has the capacity to sustain rapid planned growth in terms of the number of devices that it can host and the quality of services offered.  The use of modular systems is an excellent strategy to address growth issues without major disruption


Human error is the most common cause of down time every year. We incorporate simplicity element in the design of data centers/computer rooms which inturn reduces chance of failures due to human error, also decreases cost of implementation and provides ease in monitoring, manageability, and maintainability.



The above attributes when incorporate in the design results in an early and accurate alignment between scope, schedule and budge


 Business Engineering Solutions & Technology (MMC) provides a full range of IT infrastructure and network cable installation services for its customers. We are specialized in installation of low voltage structured cabling systems for voice, data and other IP devices with a focus to deliver competitive and exceptional quality service.

Turnkey infrastructure solution is a sequential process and comprises of following elements:

Requirements Elicitation, Analysis and Specification:

Requirements Analysis is the process of understanding the customer needs and expectations from a proposed system. It can alternatively be a statement of ‘what’ the solution is expected to do. This step of the process comprises of having multiple interactions with the customers to understand their need and then coming up with a flexible and scalable solution for the organization.

The comprehensive analysis of the existing requirements and infrastructure combined with future organizational needs results in formulation of specification of the solutions.


Solution Proposal & Project Costing:

Once the requirements and specification have been spelled out, a formal solution proposal along with technical documentation, project timelines and project costing is submitted to customer for their review and approval. The project is being followed-up by our sales and technical individuals to guide customers through the submitted proposal. Once solution has been technically and financially approved by the customer, we move to solution implementation phase.


Solution Implementation:

A team of professionally trained and certified staff
is brought in for implementation of solution.
All standards, training expertise and best
practices are followed by the staff to ensure
smooth installation. Infrastructure of all
the network/IP stations are tested and a set
of documentation which included testing reports,
site layout and as-built drawings are submitted to
the customer for ease in moves and changes
and trouble shooting. Alternatively a training can
also be arranged for the customer upon their
request to ensure smooth hand over of the
installed solution.






Business Engineering Solutions & Technology (MMC) offers complete solutions for data and voice structured wiring/cabling systems including Copper and Fiber Network, Network Upgrades, Network Testing, Documentation, Maintenance, Re-Location, etc..

We use quality cables and hardware, and the latest networking technologies, so that our LANs make office environments expandable, manageable, and organized.


Please see below some of the key services provide:





Network Cable Installations, Wired, Wireless and Hybrid

Copper Cable Installations

Fiber Optic Cable Installations











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