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Data Entry & Data Conversion Services




At MMC, we provide data conversion services designed to meet the unique needs of all our clients. We specialize in providing data conversion services to organizations with large amounts of information and complex system requirements. The goal of our data conversion services is to help you standardize your diverse information and store it in a central repository, allowing you to utilize it in your content management systems.


Electronic Data Conversion Services:

MMC uses state-of-the-art conversion tools that allow us to convert electronic data from its existing format. No matter what the current state of your data may be, MMC provides the necessary data conversion services to convert that data to a platform-neutral, electronic format such as XML that is suitable for importing into a data repository. MMC electronic data conversion services go far beyond the capabilities of many other data conversion services. If no off-the-shelf alternative exists, we will create custom data conversion software to convert data into a usable electronic format.

Printed Data Conversion Services:

For data that exists only in printed form, MMC has data conversion services that utilize state-of-the-art scanning facilities and expert technicians to scan documents or images for media conversion to digital format. Our printed data conversion services also utilize our editorial staff, which provides manual data entry as well as proofing and editing to ensure the accuracy of the data that is entered. Our printed data conversion services maintain an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Data & Documents Management Services:

Data Entry / Data Capture
Description: OCR ConversionOCR Conversion
Description: Forms ProcessingForms Processing
Description: Business Process OutsourcingBusiness Process Outsourcing
Description: Microfilm Microfiche Conversion ServicesData Processing

Description: Data ConversionData Conversion
Description: Data Entry ServicesHandwritten Data
Description: Mailroom ServicesDocument Scanning





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