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  Executive Summary:  


In today’s world, most of the Organizations rely more on theuse of Computers and latest Technologies to run theirbusinesses.Increased usage of Computers brings an increaseneedto understandthecomplexities,that areassociatedwithInformationTechnologiesand for main smallOrganizationsthereare simplyno in-house skills to do thisandquiterightly why wouldthey want to be botheredwithcomputers when theycan run their slumwithoutit.

MMC recognized this and specializesin theprovisionof IT solutionsfor thesmall business,allowing you to concentrate on what you can do best.

We canprovide most of things(almosteverything) from Data conversion services, Software development & implementation, supplyandinstallationof PCs, Software Licenses, right from thedesignandimplementationof computer Network.MMCcan offer a whole range of solutionsthatare completelytailoredto your requirements as well as within your Budget. More ever we can conductthenecessarywork otherthanthe normalOfficehours,withoutdisturbingyour normal businessoperation&providingyou immediate solution.


MMC History:

MMC was formed in August of 1995 as a system support company. The company wascreated as a computer hardware maintenance and hardware Software consulting film.

Over the years the company has expanded and grown with thecomputer industry, to include data conversion services, on-site Time & Materials repair and depot repair maintenance contracts, preventive maintenance, installation, customized and concerned software sales and consulting, and hardware sales of all major manufacturers. More and more companies made use of MMC Service.

MMC Today:
MMC provides service to companies including federal, state, and local government agencies and Commercial Corporation.

MMC History:
  • Business Process Management
  • Application Development & Support
  • Business Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Data Warehousing & Analysis
  • Database Design & Maintenance ...more

    MMC was formed in august 1995 as a system support company. The company was created as a computer hardware maintenance and hardware software consulting film. Over the year the company has expanded and growth.. more
    • Server Development
    • Internet Working
    • Backup System
    • Printing
    • Cabling
    • Training ....more

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